“The harvest 2022 will be remembered above all for its extraordinary nature of the climate, dry and hot as never before. A particularly dry winter, almost without rainfall, has led to a shortage of water reserves that has characterized the whole season. The persistence of a dry course of the climate in spring has influenced budding and slowed down the development of the shoots. Thereafter, one of the hottest summer ever, especially in July, has put in serious difficulty the vines, which suffering has limited the vegetative development and the growth of the bunches.

Nebbiolo vines in Albugnano have shown an unexpected ability to adapt by developing the foliage and minimizing crop losses. The winemakers have adapted the agronomic operations according to the anomalous climate. They have been able to manage this vintage focusing on maintenance of the foliage and working only on the surface of the soil.

First impressions in the cellar are exciting: wines have excellent body and intense color, although it is still early to evaluate the final result of the 2022 harvest.”

Gianpiero Gerbi, oenologist of the Albugnano 549 Association